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Spinal Manipulation

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Chiropractic adjustments are the key focus of most visits to a chiropractor, and they are designed to fix subluxations of the spine. A subluxation is an improper alignment of one or more vertebrae that puts pressure on the spinal nerve, the discs, or surrounding tissues and can lead to discomfort or debilitating pain. Many people have subluxations and do not realize it until something happens that stresses their body enough to react.

When chiropractors adjust a patient’s spine, they are searching for these misalignments and then moving the vertebrae back into place. The improper alignment may have been caused by a fall or other accident, simple overuse, or any other stresses that people routinely experience, including a severe illness.

In the case of a subluxation, pain can be felt as the spinal cord or peripheral nerves are impinged or pinched. The body responds by sending a message to the brain to protect that part of the body, and inflammation and pain result. With properly done chiropractic adjustments, the vertebrae are put back into alignment and the body’s inflammatory response is given the opportunity to subside as the healing process takes over.

After an examination, a chiropractor will begin a series of treatments involving adjustments. These adjustments take the joints of the spine and move them beyond their normal range of motion. This is where the cracking and popping noises can be heard and felt as the joint is manipulated. It is common to feel differently after an adjustment, or to feel a slight pain, or tenderness. As your body adjusts you will feel much better, you will have a greater range of motion, and your pain should eventually disappear.

Not every injury is ideal for a chiropractic adjustment, so it is important to seek help from a qualified chiropractor who will treat you based on your specific problems.

Rather than using a “once-size-fits-all” approach, like some chiropractors, we have the knowledge and experience to assure you are receiving the best possible treatment for your back problems. We care about your overall health and wellness, so your best interests will always be our number one concern.